July 29, 2014

Mon/Tues Vacation Days

 Remy wakes up about 5:45-6 each morning. Which means, in a trailer, everyone was up that early. By 7:45am Monday morning the kids were ready to go!

A quiet walk to the lake first thing in the morning, great lighting, geese and seagulls.

The girls chased the seagulls. A rather fun past time activity this week.

This girl loves the monkey bars.

So we got back to the trailer and got ready to head to the lake for the day, but the weather turned nasty and rained!! Mommy realizing she forgot shoes for her and few other warm necessities. We headed into Red Deer to wait the rain away… where Remy got a whole new outfit cause she poop exploded in Target.

Animal print is so in.

It warmed up enough Monday afternoon to hit the lake for a few hours. Not warm enough for suits, I thought the kids could just play in the sand.

Ya right.

Kalia and Grandpa ended the day with a chin up compition. Where she SPANKED him. SPANKED him.

Tuesday the weather was MUCH nicer. The kids played the day away on their bikes and at the park. We have been to this camp ground before and it is awesome for bikes. Kids are everywhere playing on bikes and lots of pathways.

Everybody gravitates towards Grandpa… he's kind of spectacular.

Grandma is where its at. If some one needs hugs and its between Mommy and Grandma- I lose 80% of the time.

Tuesday the kids made friends with these 2 little boys. They played "Police Officer" and they would take turns pulling each other over and issuing tickets. It was adorable. One of the conversations went like this:

Bryce to Annaliesse: How old are you?
Annaliesse: 5
Bryce: (a disappointed) Ohhhh
Payton to Bryce: Well, how old did you think she was??

July 28, 2014

Building Buttons

They say building or renovating can be really hard on a marriage.
Justin and I are having a blast. MOSTLY because we both know when to back off, after each others "buttons" have been sufficiently pressed.

And when your building a house, your bound to have difference of opinions.

So far I have sufficiently pressed Justin's "buttons" twice. Well… at least two big times. 

1. The kids windows. Justin put them in a little high. Not that there is a correct hight, or anything. BUT I wanted them about a foot or so, lower. So I just mentioned to Justin that they should be lower… just a bit. Well after discussing it over a week, he agreed to lower the window. 

2. The basement bathroom. After Justin got the basement framed, I realized the bathroom layout wasn't exactly perfect. So after another long discussion, including Grandma and Grandpa, (it was boys against girls) and Justin man handling the tub around so I could visualize it better. We changed the bathroom layout. It means a LOT more work for Justin, including a jack hammer. But I know this is the way to go.

Actually… it might have been 3 times…

3. The Big windows in the main area. The kitchen window is big. 5 feet. It was way smaller in the plans, but I am all about the big windows. In fact the monster size front window was all me. I kept making it bigger and bigger , until Justins' last window "button" had been pressed. Justin made sure the 5 men that lifted it into place, knew it was my idea. Thanks Mark, Miles, Dave, Dad and Justin. That window rocks. 

This house building stuff is sooo fun! I love you Justin, I couldn't do it without you!

The interior is going to be super fun to do together!!

And just so we are clear, I loose sometimes too. Justin picked the front door, and the shingle color, and some other things, but nothing to get upset about. So I choose NOT to remember when I loose, I focus on the positive :)

July 24, 2014


I found this Snapshot post in my DRAFT in my Folder. Look how little the kids are!!

Its from November 2012

July 21, 2014

Beach Day

Aunt Sherilyn invited us over for a beach day!
Lake Sundance is just beautiful has such a lovely layout.

Grass, then beach, then water, with a park 50 feet away. The kids love playing there, especially with cousins. Aunt Karla came too with her kids, and Maytea and Jayden are huge helps, they are old enough to take the kids out to the floating dock, and walk around the lake and play with Remy in the sand. Girls. You. Rock!

The kids always have a great time in the sand together.

That face, is only a face a mother could love.

Little Emerson is just adorable… I can't wait till Remy and her toddle around together getting into trouble!

These 3 are great friends. I wish we lived a bit closer so we could do more playdates. Thanks for the good day Aunt Sherilyn and Aunt Karla!

July 18, 2014


Still doing Riding Lessons getting ready for their first horse show. Barker comes and has a short turn to begin with, then sits back and watches. Most times he is not as calm, but he was rather content this time.

Summers always mean day trips with us. So after a couple weeks of constant going going going, I really needed to clean the house and do some laundry. A 3 year old does NOT know what thats like, so he followed me around all day whining about drawing on him, like Grandpa. Finally I gave up and gave him a beard like Grandpa. He let me clean for a total of 3 minutes after that.

Grandpa and Barker eating Spitz together

Monday the kids managed to argue all day. ALL DAY. This was a brief quiet molment. I relished it.

Had us some little visitors the other day. Baby Ray is adorable!

July 17, 2014

Raymond Pool

Owning a house, 2 hours away, is kind of inconvenient.
Something happens and I pack up the kids and head down for a 10-15 minute errand. This week it was to sign a new lease with new tenants and to asses the hail damage done to the siding.

I knew it would be a fast couple little things, so after the kids and I headed over to the Beautiful Raymond Pool. Here are 5 things about our day.

1.  We met Laina and her girls there at the pool to play with. This was sooo great on a few levels. Barker is not quite old enough to saunter off on his own, but Maddison (age 12) was willing to play with him and let him be with her, while I had Remy. She took him up the the slides the first couple times, while I caught him, until he was comfortable to walk up on his own! And Laina who I chatted with and  had Remy while I caught Barker on the slide. I kid you not Barker did the yellow slide like 30 times or something ridiculous.

2. Amelia. Met Amelia coming out of swim lessons as we were walking in to pay. Chatted for a few minutes, then headed into the change room. Where I realized Kalia had not grabbed her swimsuit like she was told. I dashed back out, caught Amelia in the parking lot and asked if I could borrow a swimsuit. Not even flinching she wrapped Addie in a towel, took off her swimsuit and gave it to me. THANK YOU ADDIE AND AMELIA for saving the day.

3. It is actually fun to go to the pool when your kids are slightly older. Its been a couple years since we did the Raymond Pool, and frankly I have not had a real desire to go back. Before it seemed like as soon as my kids were wet, it was just a day of bawling about being cold. BUT THIS TIME my girls were big enough to go PLAY. They played the day away, and Barker did great, and Remy had a good day!

4.We had no schedule. We swam as long as we wanted, left when we wanted. Nice.

5. Kim. A another shout out to my Sister In Law Kim who happened to come to the pool for the last couple hours we were there. She even helped find Barker when he up and walked away, and I couldn't find him. Turns out he headed back to the slides, with no life jacket, and was siting at the top, ready to go down. Kim run up the stairs after him and I jumped in the water with Remy, hoping he wasn't just going to go. Thanks Aunt Kim!

It was a seriously FUN day. One I think we will repeat often this summer!

July 16, 2014

Sunday Dinners

Miles and I decided to do a Fish Fry on Sunday.
We were chatting earlier in the week about fishing, and how we are more Beef people then fish people.
Miles said, I will come over and cook us fish then!

Miles' Grandpa, Opa happened to be in from Ontario, so Miles brought him and Ba along. What a hoot.

Opa was 14 during World War 2 and was call up for the Nazi at the end of the war. Now Opa is a talker… and a hugger. He talked constantly the whole time. I. kid. you. not. He hardly ate anything. He would talk to anyone, about anything and talk to no one about nothing. It was a change to our regular Sunday Dinners.

He even managed to pin me down for a hug. He really liked the family, mostly Justin and the kids as they have "anglo features". As he said time and time again, he's all about the blonds :)

Little Note: Opa is not member, but he came to church with Ba. He sat down for Sunday School and was so happy to be there. He kept exclaiming "Praise the Lord" loud. And talking. Loud. So finally Miles convinced him to follow him out of the room, but he got distracted by Remy sitting in the isle. So he chatted to her for a few minutes longer. Like 5minutes longer, right in the middle of the lesson. Miles and Laura finally got him to the hallway where he could freely talk. He is such a awesome character.

The weather was fantastic so we spend the afternoon outside, jumping on the tramp, visiting, eating our dessert. My SIL recipe for fabulous Rhubarb Slush and some crab apple fruit leather.

What a great Sunday Dinner. Thanks for the memories Opa and Ba!