July 11, 2014


Making some Skip ropes first thing in the morning!

Trying to play the laughing game.

Remy just watching her siblings.

Kalia lost another tooth.

Getting ready for family prayer. We had to stop and talk about reverence!

Barker wanted to help sissy eat!

July 10, 2014

Low Key Wet Fun

After all our fun July 1 weekend, we kept everything low key for a while.
Mommy wasn't feeling great, but that didn't stop us! 
Luckily I could manage to sit outside and only move when absolutely necessary.

We picked up a little pool from Canadian Tire and the kids are LOVING it.

We also have the High River Spray Park ALMOST in our backyard. So we hang out there rather often.
The girls were playing with water guns, and the rule is no water guns on the towels. So Annaliesse would squirt everyone then run back to the towels and laugh. It was so funny.

Kalia loves helping. For the most part.

July 9, 2014

House 1 Week 5

A MONTH after we started… we have roof trusts ( is it trustess'?)

Our neighbors have a couple of dogs. Barker was unlucky enough to be pinned down, against the house by a ferocious 10 lb puppy!!
The girls were over holding him and petting him, Barker was hiding in the wood!

Another owie. This one was rather deep and required sterile strips. Poor Annaliesse.

A huge THANKS to those who helped up with the roof!

Thanks to Mark, Miles, McKay, Gary and Grandpa, Justin was able to get them all up by 3:00!

July 8, 2014

Annaliesse School Field Trip

Year end Zoo trip for Kindergarden
Annaliesse got to go with Sister Pearl, who's granddaughter was in her group
Dear Sister Pearl is such a sweetheart. 
She popped over the other day, to ask for my cell number so she could send me the pictures.
Annaliesse said she had fun, and she thinks I need to buy Zoo Passes again.

July 7, 2014

Kalia Grade One

We are still simi-new to this whole School thing.
Does every teacher take pictures during the year and then send them home at the end of the year?

Cause if NOT you are missing out.
THANK YOU to Mrs Muhle for taking some awesome pictures of Kalia's first year of school!

PS This photo is my new fav. Mrs Muhle caught us trying to get a selfie.

July 4, 2014


The orginal plan was to head down 4 days before July 1 for some fun with cousins.
Didn't happen.
Instead we headed down Sunday, and the kids and I stayed in the trailer while Justin and Grandma and Grandpa headed back to work on Monday.

When Barker gets tired of being in his carseat, he screams "Me get out my carseat!" Its sad yet annoying. So Justin leans back and hands him my cell. These 4 pics are 210 that he took.

I guess you could title them "A 3 year olds view"

We got down and stopped at Aunt Kims to visit and see Grandma Moxley. Grandma had special nail art she put on the girls fingers! Thanks Grandma!

Over to see Great Grandma Selman. She is getting up there in years, 96 now. She has a hard time hearing and remembering who we all are. She sure loves her grandkids, even if we are all blending together! :)

The kids enjoyed camping in the trailer again. Even if we were all up at 4:50 AM Monday because of Remy…

It rained all Monday morning so just hung around, waiting for it to clear… and it FINALLY did about 11! So we stopped at Mcdonalds, waiting a bit longer so the weather could  warm up a bit more before hitting Park Lake.

It didn't. So instead of swimming, the kids played in the sand and at the park. Honestly they didn't really ask to swim once, it was just to windy and cold.

We ended the day with a couple tears… Kalia was playing and tossed a antler in the air. And it had to come down on Annaliesse's head. Mommy was just as upset as Annaliesse. To be honest, the day was not a good day. I had been dealing with unpleasantness all day (being a landlord sucks). And this owie did Annaliesse and I in. Thank GOODNESS for Aunt Jen and Aunt Dianne, and Grandma and Grandma and JUSTIN for saving the day.

I made a comment that day that I have thought about constantly. I said " I think the Lord gave me a hard baby and a clingy toddler, because sometimes I need to ignore all the crappy things going on, and just focus on my kids"

I am so thankful for my children, and the fact that they take up almost 100% of my time and energy.